I sometimes do lectures, conversations, workshops or personal tutoring and coaching. The rates vary depending on season and availability. Please send an enquiry if you want to learn more, to gustav.borgefalk [at] network.rca.ac.uk .


* Design for behaviour change
* Persuasive technologies and design for behaviour change
* Design Cybernetics

* My story: how I became an entrepreneur
* Global talent and innovation ecosystems
* Soft funding for startups


2020 – September, RCA/Imperial MRes Program
2020 – July, RCA, Tutor, MRes Program
2020 – January, RCA, Tutor Grand Challenges, Transhumanism
2019 – December, RCA, Transhumanism
2019 – April, RCA/Imperial MRes Program
2019 – April, Persuasive Technology Conference 2019, Limassol, Cyprus
2019 – March, RCA/Imperial MRes Program
2019 – March, Itch Breakfast Talk, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 – Stockholm Explorative Talks, Nobel Center/STAF
2017 – 7th European Youth Entrepreneurship Conference
2017-Delphi & Techlaw, Want to make your tech business a global success
2017-EIT Digital Conference, Delivering Europe’s Digital Transformation -Digitalization of Human Capital Development
2017-TEDxHSG (St. Gallen, Switzerland) Beyond Recruitment: Equal Access to Opportunities
2016-TEDxHongKong (Hong Kong): The Future of Certification 
2016-SXSW (Austin, USA): The Swedish Model for Recruitment
2016-World Innovation Summit in Education (Qatar)
2016-LIFT (Basel, Switzerland): Innovation Competition Workshop
2015-TEDxVasastan (Sweden): The Power of Competitions
2012-TEDxEskilstuna (Sweden): Towards a Roadless World