I am a postgraduate researcher at the Royal College of Art in London, active in the following research areas:

Ethics and Governance of Persuasive Systems

Persuasive Systems are information systems designed with the intent to influence people’s behaviours and attitudes. We spend more and more time consuming digital media, why a larger share of the human experience nowadays is mediated by pervasive digital platforms. My research focuses on new methods for understanding and designing persuasive systems in the light of rapidly accelerating technological development.

Human-like technology

The digital world is expanding rapidly and human-like simulations in digital media have reached new levels of fidelity and realism. This poses unique challenges for designers, who are tasked to design relationships with artificial human-like technologies such as chatbots, voice assistants and virtual influencers.

Design Cybernetics

Design Cybernetics is a novel field of inquiry, positioned in the nexus of design and cybernetics, two areas which seem to have many things in common. Design Cybernetics is considered an epistemology that offers a substantial interdisciplinary language and numerous concepts useful in design. My research operationalizes Design Cybernetics and explores new applications of Design Cybernetics in Service Design