About me

I am a Swedish technologist and entrepreneur focusing on creating and facilitating interdisciplinary, scalable solutions to complex challenges.

Right now my main focus is on my doctoral studies in Captology (Persuasive Technologies) at the Royal College of Art, at the department of Service Design.

Many years has been spent in formal and informal education. I co-founded Sqore,  the leading tool for skills-based, unbiased recruitment, and Studentcompetitions.com, the world’s largest community for students who play in academic competitions.

Before that, I graduated with an MSc. from the Stockholm School of Economics and attended the 10-week Global Solutions Program at Singularity University in Silicon Valley in 2011.I have also enjoyed being part of the Atlantic Council’s Millenium Fellowship, Sandbox Network, the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and the St. Gallen Symposium Community. Currently based in Stockholm and in London.

I stand for an open society, individual freedom to realize one’s potential, with collective responsibility for humanity, society, and planet. I try to live my values the best I can by working in these three areas.