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I work in three broad areas, where I lecture, do projects and organize regular dialogues to better understand our common future. The overarching goals for my engagements are developing systemic solutions and enabling ‘good’ governance of scalable, digital platforms.

Digital Platforms
Pervasive industry platforms are the infrastructure which data, sometimes described as the new oil, flows through. Platforms mediate a growing share of our lives and work, why their designed properties become more influential. However, computers are rapidly changing shape, which calls for new models for understanding and taming them. I have spent ten nearly years developing global, online communities and platforms and am now trying to figure out what comes next. 

-> Gustav’s researcher’s profile at the Royal College of Art 

Talent Attraction/Access to Opportunities
What daily quests and missions we choose to pursue in life define us and gives us meaning. As the concept of ”work” as we know it, is changing, we need to figure out how to make everyone feel that they are contributing something meaningful and that they can build the lives they desire, regardless of their social status, background, gender or age. I have spent eight years working with strategic talent attraction on the international arena and orchestrated global talent programs for government agencies, companies and universities.

How do we give everyone equal and fair access to opportunities?

-> Sqore: electronic study guide
-> : guide to global competitions
-> TEDxHongKong: The Future of Certification
-> TEDxStGallen: Beyond Recruitment: Equal Access to Opportunities
-> WISE: Valuing and Certifying Non-Traditional Merits

Humans are arguably the most powerful animals that have ever existed. The planet and not least, the other animals on it, needs our stewardship. Shaping sustainable habits and habitats of the human population will be key to creating a world worth living in, for ourselves and our children. Over the years, I have initiated and managed several initiatives to lead us towards a sustainable future.

How do we give everyone access to sustainable habits and habitats?

-> Katla Aero: electric aircraft
-> TEDxVasastan: Towards a Roadless World 
-> Blue Bag Water Award
-> Nature Hack / video

What I actually do
I develop digital services, concepts, and strategies that aim to have a positive impact on society and the world. It involves founding, investing in, supporting and sometimes leading ventures or projects. It sometimes involves advising governments, companies, and organizations in designing viable and scalable programs for their citizens or employees.

My ultimate goal is to help humanity and the planet to survive and thrive for eons to come. (and have lots of fun while doing it)