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I work in three broad areas. The overarching goals for my engagements are developing systemic solutions and enabling ‘good’ governance of technology and new media.

Edutainment: how can we make the world better with play?

-> Rufs: The Space Lion 

Equal access: how do we give everyone equal and fair access to opportunities?

-> Sqore: electronic study guide
-> : guide to global competitions
-> TEDxHongKong: The Future of Certification
-> TEDxStGallen: Beyond Recruitment: Equal Access to Opportunities
-> WISE: Valuing and Certifying Non-Traditional Merits

Sustainability: How do we envision and create sustainable futures?

-> Katla Aero: electric aircraft
-> TEDxVasastan: Towards a Roadless World 
-> Blue Bag Water Award
-> Nature Hack / video

What I actually do
I develop digital services, concepts, and strategies that aim to have a positive impact on society and the world. It involves founding, investing in, supporting and sometimes leading ventures or projects. It sometimes involves advising governments, companies, and organizations in designing viable and scalable programs for their citizens or employees.

My ultimate goal is to help humanity and the planet to survive and thrive for eons to come. (and have lots of fun while doing it)